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Laudable Crayfish



Product Description

A food product supply business that sprang to meet the people’s standard of needs. We supply organic, healthy and properly packaged foodstuffs.It’s our métier to keep our customers satisfied because we maintain our core values.

Quantities available for sale

1. Lean pack (A custard penta) – 2,000
2. Boolean pack (2 custard pentas) – 4,000
3. Biggy(s) pack(s) (24 & 28 cusatard pentas) – 45,000
4. Cameroonian biggy (28 custard pentas) – 50,000
Laudable Crayfish

Lean pack (A custard penta), Boolean pack (2 custard pentas), Biggy(s) pack(s) (24 & 28 cusatard pentas), Cameroonian biggy (28 custard pentas)

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